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How to choose transformer

Transformer is the main electrical equipment of industrial enterprises. Calculate the load S30 according to the statistics of 30min, which can largely determine the capacity of the transformer. In the case of a calculated load can choose a transformer, you can also use 2 or more than 2 transformers.
Increasing the number of transformers, switch control equipment and non-ferrous metals consumption increased, investment and land also increased, and the transformer efficiency decreases as the load decreases, so that the operating costs will inevitably increase. In general, increasing the number of transformers in step-down substations is not economically justified. However, the following conditions can be used as an exception.
In order to limit the low-voltage side of the short-circuit current, usually in industrial and civil buildings in the best power transformer capacity of not more than 1000KVA appropriate. Use 1000KVA and below the transformer is closer to the load center, reducing power consumption.
Industrial and civil buildings in the load I, II load, such as elevators and fire pumps need to use a backup power supply, you can also use the two voltage backup each other. But this is not the only way to deal with backup power.
According to the load changes need to consider the economic operation. For example, if a large-capacity transformer is used on the right, the transformers will be in light-load operation for a long time after going to get off work, resulting in greater losses. If two small-capacity transformers are used, they can be cut off in non-production time, especially on holidays Taiwan transformer, get a reasonable economic operation.
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