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What are the conditions for an immediate power outage of a dry-type transformer in operation

1.Dry-type transformer is on fire. In this case, dry-type transformer is to be deactivated.
2.When serious damage and discharge of bushing of dry-type transformer are found, the bushing shall be stopped and inspected by personnel.
3.Oil Pillow and Airway Fume Injection of Dry Transformer
4.Carbon and oil color in dry transformer oil change too much. It is the dry transformer that needs to be shut down and checked has a loud and still sound. If it is to be shut down, dangerous accidents will occur.
5.Under normal load and cooling conditions, the oil temperature of dry-type transformer is abnormal, and when these symptoms of dry-type transformer occur, power outage is needed. 6.Without power supply, there will be life danger and damage to dry-type transformer, which needs us to solve. If you encounter one of the above, you should be careful to avoid danger!
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