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Matters needing attention in winding and gluing process of transformer

1. What preparations do transformers need to make before winding? What are the precautions in the winding process?   
Around the front preparation:
(1) Before winding, check whether the skeleton meets the specifications, and there is no damage or pin missing.   
(2) Select matching tape and retaining wall as required.  
(3) Check whether the specifications and models of enameled wires meet the requirements of process drawings and whether the surface of enameled wires is bright and clean.    
Winding requirements:
(1) The winding method should be strictly carried out according to the requirements of the drawings. If winding is arranged, enameled wires should be arranged neatly, and there should be no uneven, loose, cross and knotting phenomena. If winding is done between turns, a certain distance between the enameled wires is required.
(2) Winding sequence, number of loops, slot of entry and exit foot shall be strictly implemented according to the technological requirements, and the sequence shall not be opposited, multi-loops and few loops, slot of entry and exit foot shall not appear; the entry and exit wires shall be 90? Right angles and not be inclined; when winding errors, the wires shall be wrapped up and taken down, and the winding machine shall be reset and rewound.  
(3) Enamelled wire shall not be wound around the retaining wall if there is a retaining wall in the wire wrap.  
(4) It is strictly forbidden to use scissors and nails to pull the coil to damage the lacquer skin; during winding process, attention should be paid to whether the lacquer wire has the phenomenon of paint stripping, blackening, scratches, etc. If found, stop using the line, and quickly give quality feedback to the elongation. _
(5) The lead-out wire should be padded with a layer of adhesive tape. The adhesive tape should be padded between the enameled wire and the winding, and stick firmly and correctly. _
(6) Where casing is required at the beginning and end, the length of the sleeve extending into the wire package shall be greater than 3mm, and the length of the extended sleeve shall be level with or slightly higher than the bottom plane of the pin foot of the frame.  
(7) In order to avoid the waste of enameled wire, the length of end-to-end outlet should be controlled at 18?3 mm.  
(8) If shielding tape is required in winding, the shielding tape should be placed in the middle of the groove, and the insulation at both ends should be paid attention to. The beginning and end of the winding should not be in contact with short circuit.
2. What preparations should be made before the transformer is glued? What are the precautions in the process of gluing?  
Prepare before wrapping tape:
(1) Use the color, material and width tape specified in the process drawings.  Check the tape for perforation before use.  
Pay attention to the tape-wrapping process:
(1) According to the number of circles required by the process, the tape is required to be wound without edges and the number of circles is correct.
(2) Enamelled wires must be wrapped completely in tape winding, so that the phenomenon of exposed wires can not occur. The insulating tape between windings must present an upward semi-circular arc shape on both sides of the skeleton slot to prevent short circuit caused by the contact of enameled wires between windings. The outer appearance tape receptacle should be installed at the side of the skeleton core.  
(3) When winding, it is necessary to keep the tape clean, tidy and free of dirt. In particular, tin dregs and enamelled wire heads should not be wrapped in the package. _
(4) The tape should not be pierced with sharp metal such as scissors in the winding process.  
(5) Transformers requiring winding of retaining walls shall use the material, width and thickness of the retaining walls specified in the process drawings. The winding of the retaining walls shall be close to the two sides of the skeleton grooves, and the layers shall overlap with each other so as not to disperse and dislocate.  
(6) According to the number of circles required by the technology, the retaining wall should not be winded in more circles and fewer circles. If the retaining wall is required to press the wire, the end of the retaining wall should be closed at the beginning of the winding and the end of the retaining wall should be raised to facilitate the next winding.
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