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What is the capacity of a transformer related to

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From the analysis of the second problem mentioned above, it can be seen that the selection of iron core is related to voltage, and the selection of conductor is related to current, that is, the thickness of conductor is directly related to calorific value. That is to say, the capacity of transformer is only related to calorific value. For a well-designed transformer, if it works in a poor heat dissipation environment, if it works at 1000KVA, if it enhances its heat dissipation capacity, it may work at 1250 KVA. In addition, the nominal capacity of the transformer is also related to the allowable temperature rise. For example, if a 1000 KVA transformer has a allowable temperature rise of 100K, if it can be allowed to work to 120K under special circumstances, its capacity will not exceed 1000 KVA.           
It can also be seen that if the heat dissipation condition of transformer is improved, the nominal capacity of transformer can be increased. oppositely, for the same capacity converter, the volume of transformer cabinet can be reduced. Therefore, in some bidding process, competitors intentionally nominate larger transformer capacity and give users the illusion of a larger margin, which is actually meaningless. The key lies in the volume of transformers and the way of heat dissipation.
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