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Transformer Drying Technology      

 Leilang-Electric is located in Shanghai,China.We are specialized in manufacturing all kind of low voltage transformer,three phase transformer,single phase transformer, variac transformer,voltage stabilizer, ac stabilizer,power regulator, reactor, etc.
What is the effect of monotonic treatment of transformers? Why monotonous processing? The monotonous purpose of transformer is to remove moisture from transformer insulation material, increase its insulation resistance and advance its flashover voltage. Transformers with voltages above 3 kV must be monotonously processed.            
How to deal with the monotony of transformer? What specific methods are there?              
1.Hot air monotonic method, this method is the transformer placed in the monotonic chamber, into the hot air monotonic. What we need to pay attention to is that the wall panels of transformer body should fit in with each other. In addition, the requirement of monotonous room should be as small as possible, and the distance between the wall panels and transformers should be controlled within 2 meters.            
2.Induction heating method, which requires electricity, can be chosen according to the type of transformer and monotonous conditions. Generally, the method that can be chosen is to place the body in the original tank, the outer coil of the tank is surrounded by electric current, and the eddy current heating of the tank skin is used to make the tank monotonous. This is a relatively common method, which is applicable in many places.          
3.Gas-phase vacuum monotonic method, which uses a special kind of oil vapor as the heat carrier, condensates the oil vapor into the vacuum tank on the transformer body and releases a lot of heat energy, thus heating the monotonic body;            
4.Vacuum monotonic method. This monotonic method uses air as heat transfer medium. Under the effect of atmospheric pressure, the temperature is controlled at about 105 degrees, and then vacuum treatment. Because the heat transfer in this process is slow, the heating is not uniform, and the monotony is not complete, it is difficult to satisfy the insulation requirements of transformers. But the equipment is simple and the operation is simple.    
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