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Future Development Trend of AC Voltage Regulator

Leilang-Electric is located in Shanghai,China.We are specialized in manufacturing all kind of low voltage transformer,3 phase transformer,single phase transformer, variac transformer,voltage stabilizer, ac stabilizer,power regulator, reactor, etc.
At present, the world economic development situation is tortuous and changeable. Developed countries have aimed at high-end market one after another. The birth of high-tech, high-tech and high value-added products wins for these developed countries and gains a larger market share. In the past, the AC voltage regulator Market in China has been hovering in the middle and low-end areas. With the development of the times and social changes, industrial manufacturing and production put forward high standards for AC transformers. Therefore, the export volume of low and medium-end AC regulators manufactured in China has dropped sharply, which makes it difficult for enterprises to develop.            
Overall, China's AC regulator market is still showing a steady and rising trend in 2011. The data show that the total industrial output value in 2011 is 16.89 trillion yuan, up 25.06% year-on-year; net profit is 120 billion yuan, up 21.14% year-on-year; the total import and export volume is 63.12 billion US dollars, up 22.84% year-on-year. However, compared with the rapid increase in previous years, these data still have a slowing trend. How to prevent the further expansion of the decline form is worth considering by manufacturers.            
There are also data showing that China's AC regulator exports increased - slowed down by a large margin. This shows that the market supply of high-end AC regulators is insufficient, which can not meet the demand of the international community for high-quality high-efficiency products. The trade deficits with Germany and Japan are high to US$57.8 billion and US$49.2 billion respectively, which also shows that there is still a big gap between China's AC regulators and developed countries.
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