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Introduction to reactor and voltage regulator

Leilang-Electric is located in Shanghai,China.We are specialized in manufacturing all kind of low voltage transformer,three phase transformer,single phase transformer, variac transformer,voltage stabilizer, ac stabilizer,power regulator, reactor, etc.
Product overview: DBW, SBW series single and three-phase fully automatic compensated power regulators are a kind of energy-saving high-power AC stabilized power supply designed by our company according to the national conditions of our country with the introduction of international AC stabilized power technology. It can automatically keep the output voltage stable when the voltage of external power supply network fluctuates or the load changes.            
Compared with other types of voltage regulators, this series of products have the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, stable voltage regulation, etc. they are suitable for a wide range of loads, can withstand instantaneous overload, can work continuously for a long time, manual / automatic switching, with over-voltage protection, phase loss protection, phase sequence protection and mechanical failure automatic protection. This machine has reliable operation, small volume, light weight, etc Easy to use and install. (score display and instrument indication)            
Main features: high voltage stabilization precision: RMS true effective value sampling control board is adopted, and the voltage stabilization precision is 1-5% adjustable.            
  1. Fast response speed: less than or equal to 0.04s.            
2. Wide load types: suitable for inductive, capacitive and resistive loads.            
3. Full protection function: with over-voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit, overheating, lack of equal protection function.            
4. Wide voltage stabilization range: Standard ± 20%, customized ± 30% ~ ± 50%.            
5. High efficiency of the whole machine: efficiency of voltage regulator ≥ 98%.            
6. Stable control technology: advanced PID fuzzy control technology, good system stability.            
7. Good output waveform: the output voltage waveform is free of distortion and harmonics.            
8. Excellent material: 0.35mm high magnetic conductivity low loss coated silicon steel sheet, C1017 anisotropic carbon brush.            
9. High degree of automatic control: the system has the functions of full-automatic voltage stabilization, start-up delay and automatic recovery of fault removal.            
10. Large load capacity: voltage regulator capacity is optional from 1kVA to 2500kVA.            
11. Full communication function: RS485 + RS232 + GRPS three communication modes are optional, which conform to Modbus RTU protocol.            
12. Strong purification ability: high flux surge suppressor is equipped at the input of the voltage regulator to solve the impact of lightning induction and interference pulse peak on the equipment.            
Technical parameter            
Capacity range            
Three phase capacity: sbw-30 ~ 2500kVA; single phase capacity: dbw-20 ~ 150KVA            
Input voltage: three-phase 380VAC ± 20%; single-phase 220VAC ± 20%; customized ± 30% ± 40%            
Output voltage: three-phase 380VAC, single-phase 220VAC; output voltage can be customized according to customer demand, such as 200V 208v 400V            Voltage stabilization accuracy: 1% ~ 5% adjustable            
Frequency range: 50Hz / 60Hz            
Efficiency: 98% (power level above 50KVA)            
Response speed: ≤ 0.04s            
Stable speed: when the input voltage changes 10% with respect to the rated value step, the stable time ≤ 1.5s            
Insulation resistance: ≥ 2m Ω            
Insulation strength: 2000V for 1 minute without breakdown            
Waveform distortion: when comparing the output voltage waveform with the input voltage waveform, the increment of the relative harmonic content shall not be greater than 1%            
Communication function: optional RS232, RS485, GPRS interface to complete remote signaling, telemetry and remote control function            
Display function            
LCD high brightness liquid crystal display can display input and output voltage, output current value, frequency, temperature, fault alarm status indication, etc. HMI HMI touch screen display (optional)            
Protection function: delay output, over-voltage, under voltage, overload, short circuit, overheating, phase loss, transpose equal alarm and protection function, and can automatically restore stable power supply after fault recovery.            
Working temperature: - 15 ℃ + 55 ℃            
Relative humidity: 10% - 90% (20 ℃ ± 5 ℃)            
Altitude: 2000m, exceeding the standard altitude, derating according to Article 3.2.3 and 4.2 of gb6450 dry type transformer            
Protection grade: IP20, customized protection grade below IP45            
Noise: 55dB            
Application scope: Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, agriculture, printing, medical treatment, machine tools, transportation, post and telecommunications, military, railway, scientific research and culture and other fields, such as large-scale mechanical and electrical equipment, metal processing equipment, production lines, construction engineering equipment, elevators, medical equipment, computer room, computer control equipment, embroidery textile equipment, air conditioning, radio and television, hotels and home appliances lighting power supply Voltage stabilizing effect. It is also suitable for low-voltage distribution terminal users with low power supply voltage and large fluctuation range and electrical equipment with large load variation, such as air compressor, elevator, crane, mixer and other places where voltage stabilization is required.
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