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Can the transformer aluminum core replace the copper core?

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Update time : 2018-08-09 09:13:28
There are a lot of aluminum on the market to the phenomenon of copper, then the aluminum copper is really possible to achieve it?
It is reported that China decided to use copper core transformer in the 70s of last century, when the price difference between copper and aluminum is not large, so people in the design process of natural selection of more conductive copper. However, with the rapid soaring of copper prices, cost pressures are becoming more and more severe. Disagreements emerged in the industry regarding the use of copper and aluminum cores. So this chapter we analyze these two views:
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One is to support the aluminum core transformer said:
Aluminum core transformer can be used in transformers, especially distribution transformers. Although the electrical conductivity of aluminum is slightly less than copper, but with the current level of technology, aluminum core transformers in the no-load and load loss can reach the industry standard in the field of distribution, in addition to increasing the diameter and transformer housing size, Others have no effect, but the manufacturing costs are much lower. Besides copper as a non-renewable resource, why do not we save copper?
In their opinion, if the copper core transformer, the aluminum core transformer and the semi-copper semi-aluminum transformer are respectively marked in the sales process, it is beneficial to establish a transparent and orderly market competition environment.
The other is opposed to aluminum core transformer said:
They seem to take the copper on behalf of aluminum is a shoddy phenomenon, so that the quality of the transformer is not high, the user's safety performance is not high. From the perspective of international development, Europe and the United States and Japan are currently promoting the use of aluminum strip, such as aluminum core transformers, aluminum cables, in order to reduce the whole society of copper consumption and dependence. It is understood that in Europe and the United States and Japan, the user bidding process, made it clear that aluminum transformers can be accepted.
However, in our country, it is rare for the user to indicate that the aluminum core transformer is invited to tender. Therefore, no enterprise dares to admit to the outside that it is producing aluminum core transformers. More users are required to be copper core transformer, the aluminum core transformer as a shoddy product processing.