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Causes and hazards of overload operation

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Update time : 2018-07-09 10:20:05
The reasons for overload operation and what needs attention? What is the harm of overload operation?
First, the first is caused by transformer overload operation refers to the imbalance between supply and demand, with the continuous increase of living, people's living standards are also rising, household appliances are also increasing, to meet the needs of users transformer overload operation, and according to This situation needs to adjust the transformer load or replace a larger transformer.
Second, the transformer overload operation, we need to note the following points:
1, closely monitor the transformer winding temperature and the top oil temperature.
2, quickly start the transformer cooling equipment.
3, the voltage regulator transformer, overload in the larger, should try to avoid the on-load voltage regulator to adjust the tap.
Third, the transformer overload operation consequences. For the overload operation, what kind of consequences and hazards will bring it? Mainly in the following three points:
1, the transformer loss increases, because the transformer is designed according to the rated capacity, when the transformer load exceeds the customer capacity, the transformer copper loss will increase.
2, affect the service life of the transformer.
3, reduce the output voltage of the transformer.
Of course, isolation transformer overload is divided into allowable overload, overload and prohibit overload etc.