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Four measures for energy saving in transformers

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Update time : 2018-07-20 09:00:49
As China's economy booms, its demand for energy is growing. Reportedly, during the "Eleventh Five-year Plan" period, State Grid Corporation invested 800 billion yuan and  Southern Power Grid Company invested 265 billion yuan. Such a huge investment in capital will surely promote the upgrading of transformers. The loss of China's power grid accounted for 7.2% of supply capacity, of which the transformer losses account for most. In 2008 China's transformer output reached 1.1 billion KVA, coupled with the original transformer power grid, constitute a great potential energy savings database. Therefore, the use of energy-saving transformers, reduce transformer losses is a major measure for energy-saving work.
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There are four options to save energy in the transformer: reduce the no-load loss, reduce the load loss, reduce the loss of other components, and reduce the loss by using the working characteristics of the working machine.
First, reduce the load loss
1, using high-performance silicon steel sheet or amorphous alloy sheet and ladder joints.
2, improve core structure and technology, reduce process factor.
3, do not stack the iron yoke, silicon steel sheet is not painted, cutting burr control in 0.02mm below.
Second, reduce the load loss
1, the use of copper than the high conductivity of oxygen-free copper rod drawing wire, to improve the conductivity.
2, Properly reduce the current density, improve the insulation structure, the use of semi-oil, prefabricated insulating parts, completely transposed windings, winding sets of sets, self-adhesive wire, self-adhesive paper, reduce the insulation volume, increase the winding fill factor, reduce the winding Size, using optimized design.
Third, reduce other parts loss
1, improve the core structure, the design of the control winding leakage flux, adjust the ampere turns balance to reduce stray loss of structural components such as fuel tanks.
2, with ripple tank, chip radiator, heat pipe instead of tube radiator, with a new type of structure instead of the old radiator cooling to improve cooling efficiency.
3, using enhanced plastic fan to improve efficiency and reduce noise.
4, the use of magnetic screen or electrical shielding to reduce tank stray loss, the use of non-magnetic materials for binding or magnetic flux separation device to reduce stray loss.
Fourth, the use of working machinery to reduce the loss of work characteristics
If the capacity with the size of the transformer load synchronization changes, eliminate or reduce the "big car" phenomenon, can reduce the loss. Due to changes in load, the working machine voltage suddenly high and low, a lot of time to make machinery from the efficient work area. If the voltage changes with the load to adjust, so that the work of machinery has always been maintained in the vicinity of the maximum efficiency, try to maintain three-phase current balance, eliminate or reduce harmonics, you can make energy consumption reduced.