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How to choose a transformer

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Update time : 2018-08-24 11:03:39
Through the usual communication with customers found that many customers in the choice of transformers, the customers themselves can not determine the capacity, voltage and other parameters of the size. If you choose the capacity is too large, not only increased investment in equipment, and all the long-term transformer in a no-load state, so reactive loss increased. If the selection of capacity is too small, will make the transformer long-term and overload conditions, easy to burn out the transformer, then how to transformer selection?
How to choose for the transformer, where we summarize a few experiences:
1, the voltage is determined. The customer should be aware of what the grid voltage is.
2, the current to determine. The customer should be aware of what the grid current is.
3, the capacity to determine. According to the transformer output current rating and rated voltage, to determine what the required capacity of the transformer.
4, the required type of transformer, is the need for three-phase transformers, control transformers, isolation transformers or other.
The above four points, is the customer often encountered in the selection process of the transformer problems in the consultation process, we also need to understand these,