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How to choose the most suitable voltage stabilizer?

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Update time : 2018-01-18 15:38:49
Regulators, as the name suggests is used to stabilize the voltage, as long as there is a voltage instability will need to use occasions, when choosing the regulator which should pay attention to what time? Here are some tips that may help you when choosing a voltage regulator

1. Pay attention to the input voltage and voltage regulation range

2. Pay attention to the output voltage and voltage regulation accuracy

3. Note the regulator's power / device's power

4 to determine what equipment is allocated

Generally identified the first three on it, the general use of single-phase household voltage regulator, 220V out of the main industrial 380V; Regulated voltage range is + / - 15%, the voltage regulator accuracy is 1 -5% (1-5% of mechanical SBW / F, 2% of electronic PLS series);

With the development of China's industry, people's living standards continue to increase, the power equipment and facilities continue to increase, the power supply can not meet the rapid growth of electricity needs, especially in summer peak, voltage fluctuations are extremely frequent, resulting in industrial and mining enterprises electricity facilities And household appliances under long-term undervoltage operation, a direct result of frequent electrical start and stop, will lead to increased current, damage to internal electrical components, seriously affecting the safety and service life of electrical appliances. Each type of electrical equipment has a power supply voltage range, if the transmission voltage is ultra-low or high, it will affect the use of electrical, not to mention the more sophisticated electronic equipment such as TVs, computers! ! The company is located in:

You need a voltage regulator. How to choose a suitable voltage regulator? Let's get started!

1. Regulator function:

Market regulator generally has three major functions:

(1) The low voltage 125V-165V or high voltage 250V-270V stable voltage between 200-230V, so that home appliances can work properly;

(2) When the input voltage is higher than 255V or lower than 160V and the output voltage is higher than 235V, the power can be automatically cut off;

(3) In the sudden call after the power outage, you can delay 5-8 minutes to start the 
output power, to avoid over-voltage electrical damage. In the purchase of household voltage regulator must pay attention to the above three basic functions of the complete or not. The company is located in:

(4) power regulator generally only in the corresponding range from the regulator, beyond this range also fail or even damage. The company is located in:

2. Regulator classification:

Regulators from the structure of the main two categories. The company is located in:

The first is a manual voltage regulator:
The lowest price of the second category products, because the operation is not convenient, the basic has been eliminated.

The second is an automatic voltage regulator:

(1) pole automatic voltage regulator: high-end voltage regulator is used to control the voltage servo motor, which has the advantage of no instantaneous power outage occurs, the output voltage is stable, the general regulator accuracy of 3-5% For high-end and high voltage electrical appliances, such as computers, test equipment. Such as boat wave SVC series of automatic high-precision voltage regulator, boat wave TSD series servo-type AC voltage regulator.

(2) Relay-type automatic voltage regulator: the use of relay switch to adjust the output voltage, voltage fluctuations, the accuracy is relatively low. For the mid-range regulator used, such as huanglang TM series of high-power adapter AC automatic voltage regulator, such products high stability, low price, suitable for voltage accuracy requirements of the equipment used. The company is located in:

3. Need to buy on the three regulator conditions:

Because electrical designers have taken into account the use of power fluctuations, the design of the insurance factor, in a certain range of voltage fluctuations to ensure normal work, if you live in the district power supply voltage is often maintained within the applicable voltage range of household appliances , But also not often power outages, they do not need to buy a voltage regulator. The company is located in:

4. Regulator purchase principle:

Buy voltage regulators, it is recommended that you buy at least three times the actual power regulator, because the regulator in the actual work to overcome the impact of mains surge and perceptual load starting impact (such as refrigerators, air conditioners , Motor and motor). The company is located in:

● Regulators used in inductive load, the inductive load due to the larger instantaneous starting current, usually about 3-5 times the rated current is often more than 9 times the operating current (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, fans, large Air conditioning, printing presses, air compressors, elevators, pumps and other belong to the inductive load), so all equipped with motor, compressor and other inductive load regulator, must consider its power reserve, to leave a margin To reserve enough margin, to avoid load current generated when the impact of current regulator caused immediate damage. Such as the entire plant to use voltage regulators, start the machine, should avoid high-power inductive load at the same time to start, so when the regulator is purchased, there should be 1.5 times the reserve capacity should be equipped with a single reserve 3 times. The company is located in:

● Pay attention to whether the voltage value of mains supply exceeds the input voltage range specified by the regulator, and if there is a difference of more than 10V between the three-phase voltage.

● In the purchase, to consider future business expansion, the need for additional equipment, regulators need to reserve expansion capacity

● Whether it is a stand-alone package or the entire factory package, the regulator must reserve reserved capacity, to avoid the regulator 100% load factor, the regulator load factor of 90% is generally more appropriate. The company is located in:

Automatic pressure regulator shape structure of desktop, wall-mounted, wall-mounted and floor-based and so on several, should be placed according to the installation location, the main purpose, and installation capabilities, choose a different style. The company is located in:

Insiders suggest that in the choice of voltage regulator, but also pay attention to choose a brand of high-profile products, because these manufacturers reliable quality, courteous service at the same time manufacturers have good after-sales service, such as the implementation of three bags of product quality, but also consumption Should pay attention to the important factors. Such as wave regulator is the quality of the Chinese People's Insurance Company underwriting products that can be safely used. The company is located in:

5. How to choose the use of power regulator:

(1) Regulated output power is the maximum power regulator. The nominal power of household appliances refers to the active power, while the inductive load such as refrigerators, air conditioners and pumps is very high at the instant of start-up, therefore, the power consumption of the refrigerators, air conditioners and pumps is x (3 to 5 times). The company is located in:
For example: 3 pesos air conditioner (220V electricity)
1 equals 0.75 kilowatts * 3 = 2.25 kilowatts * 3 times the inductive load starting current = 6.75 kilowatts or more Regulators apply. (US maintenance technicians recommend the installation of 8KVA regulator)

(2) Using professional hydropower installation technician and factory professional electricians, engineers and regulators using power algorithm: General industrial equipment at least 2 times the rated power multiplied by the use of power, when used in motor operation equipment, high current starting device and Impact load equipment, you should choose more than 3 times the capacity of the regulator, so as not to start the current is too large, the power supply circuit buckle and can not work properly. The company is located in:
For example: a factory steam pump (380V electrical equipment)
A motor has a power of 7.5 kW. However, when it starts to operate it, the inrush current exceeds 3 times the motor power, so it must select a voltage regulator that is 3 times greater than its power. The company is located in:

(3) When the output voltage of 0.5-3K voltage regulator is 110V, the input capacity can not exceed 40% of the rated capacity. When the output voltage needs to be 110V and 220V, the output capacity should be 50% of the rated capacity to avoid overload . The company is located in:

Special Note: 
When purchased according to the rated power of power equipment, power-on inrush current, inductive, capacitive and other load conditions, select the power supply output power to leave enough margin for the impact load should be greater when the margin. The company is located in:

Warn the user:
The use of optional power regulator can be calculated according to the following factors:
Use the device rated power + current use + input voltage is too low regulator power loss + margin, etc. to buy the p