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How to choose the suitable transformer type?

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Update time : 2020-04-29 16:03:00
There are many different types of transformers, different type with different technical characteristics and loss.It's uneconomical if the transformer loss larger,  . Therefore, we should use the transformers which is more advanced, with lower loss and use it in the appropriate place.

Currently,The main type of low-loss transformer are S11, S11 ~ S13-MRL, S11 ~ S12-MR, SH13 ~ SH16 etc. The figures symbolizes the level of loss code, the greater the figure shows the lower the loss, of course, the higher the general cost and selling price. Low-loss transformers includes single-phase transformers ,adjustable capacity  transformers and so on.

Requiring anti-inflammatory transformer occasions should be used dry-type transformers, transformers and high sulfur hexafluoride ignition transformer oil. Because, according to GBJ45-1982 "design standard of tall buildings for fire protection", high-rise buildings and basements are not be arranged oil-immersed transformers, therefore, high anti-inflammatory requirements workshop, mines, power plants, high-rise buildings, airports, subway and other places, must Use anti-burn transformer.

In mountainous areas, islands, South and other mine areas and high soil resistivity areas, lightning transformers can be used.

In order to reduce maintenance workload and costs, the choice of less damp and pollution of the sealed transformer.

In the city grid, the choice of low-noise transformer, mainly the noise control, applied to the main transformer is arranged.