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Current status of rectifiers

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Update time : 2019-10-14 11:32:18
Leilang-Electric is located in Shanghai,China.We are specialized in manufacturing all kind of low voltage transformer,three phase transformer, control transformer, single phase transformer, rectifier transformer,voltage stabilizer, ac stabilizer,power regulator, reactor, etc.
Nowadays, energy-saving lamps and special triodes for electronic ballasts introduced by the industry pay great attention to the control of storage time. Because the storage time is too long, the oscillation frequency of the circuit will decrease, and the increase of the working current of the whole machine will easily lead to the damage of the transistor. Although the choke inductance and other components can be adjusted to control the power of the whole machine, the discreteness of TS will make the consistency of the product poor and the reliability reduced. For example, in quartz lamp electronic transformer circuits, transistors with too long storage time may cause circuit oscillation at frequencies below the operating limit of the output transformer, resulting in saturation of the end core of each cycle, which makes the transistor IC peak in each cycle, and ultimately leads to device overheating damage.           
If the storage time of the two transistors on the same line is too different, the upper and lower half waves of the working current of the whole machine will be seriously asymmetrical, the heavy-duty transistor will be easily damaged, and the line will also produce more harmonics and electromagnetic interference.            
Practical application shows that the dependence on the parameters of hFE can be reduced by strictly controlling the storage time Ts and properly adjusting the whole circuit. It is also worth mentioning that the characteristics of transistor, current and voltage withstand are contradictory when the chip area is fixed. BUT11A was used to make 220V40W electronic ballast in Chinese market. Its starting point is that the values of BVceo and BVcbo are high. However, in most electronic ballast circuits, it is no longer necessary to choose the three poles too high. Voltage parameters of the tube.
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