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Rules for the Use of Street Lamp Transformers

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Update time : 2019-07-01 14:07:20
Rules for the Use of Street Lamp Transformers
1. Don't overload
The most common cause of burnout of overloaded street lamp transformer is that overload will lead to high temperature, which will destroy transformer insulation.
2. Not high temperature
High temperature is the most direct cause of the loss of traveling lamp transformer. High temperature overload may also be caused by other reasons, such as harmonics can also lead to high temperature. First find out the high temperature causes and then solve the high temperature problem. Overload can be reduced by reducing the load or replacing a larger traveling lamp transformer. Harmonic wave is treated by harmonic wave, etc.
3. Reliable grounding
The housing and secondary circuit of the traveling lamp transformer must be grounded reliably.
4. Moisture-proof
The insulation of street lamp transformer will be affected by dampness, and the insulation damage will lead to inter-turn short circuit.