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Update time : 2018-02-01 14:52:07
Single-phase transformer: the primary winding and secondary winding are single-phase transformer. Over the years, the development of science and technology has promoted the development of single-phase transformers. The application of single-phase transformers with core and amorphous core technologies can greatly reduce the core loss of transformers.
According to the analysis, when urban and rural power grids are transformed to a certain extent, the loss of line losses in the network loss will be greatly reduced, and the no-load loss of distribution transformers will account for the major position of network loss. Only a substantial reduction in core loss, in order to further reduce the power loss of the grid. Therefore, the volume of iron core, amorphous iron core single-phase transformer has great potential for development.
1. The significance of adopting this structure is:
(1) less material. The same capacity of single-phase transformer than the three-phase transformer with a 20% reduction of iron, copper reduced by 10%. In particular, when using a wound core structure, the no-load loss of the transformer can be reduced by more than 15% to obtain the best life-cycle cost.
(2) Line investment is low. The use of single-phase power supply system in the power grid can save 33% to 63% of the wires. According to economic current density, the wire weight can be saved by 42%. According to the mechanical strength calculation, the wire consumption can be reduced by 66%.
Third, it is conducive to modern production. Single-phase transformer due to its simple structure, suitable for large quantities of modern production, help to improve product quality and efficiency.
2. Single-phase transformer is mainly applied to the following places:
(1) Consumption of electricity for residents in urban-rural areas. Depending on the circumstances, one or several households share a single-phase transformer.
(2) For more developed areas such as small industries in suburban and market towns. Can be single-phase transformers and three-phase transformer coexistence. Single-phase transformers for residential electricity, three-phase transformers for industrial electricity;
(3) For lights, large billboards and other do not need three-phase power supply load, the use of single-phase transformer power supply;
(4) For single-phase scattered rural users. Using local installation of single-phase transformer approach. Solve the problem of low voltage quality;
(5) The resettlement houses on the outskirts of county seat are basically the first floor of a household. The single-phase transformers are used to facilitate the construction and the layout is reasonable.
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