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Some of the commonly used terms of transformer

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Update time : 2018-05-21 13:32:33
Transformer rating: The value of the first-level parameter on the rating plate of the transformers to indicate the operating characteristics of the product under defined conditions.
Rated parameters: The rated parameters of the value that the transformer operating characteristics, which include the rated capacity, rated current, rated frequency and rated temperature rise and so on.
Passenger capacity (winding) The customary value of the apparent power on the winding, together with the rated voltage of the winding, determines the rated current.
Rated voltage (transformer) between the three-phase transformer or three-phase reactor line terminals, or single-phase transformer or single-phase voltage can be lower, it can be the same as the previous winding voltage.
Rated frequency: transformer design based on the AC power frequency.
The rated current (winding) current flowing through the winding circuit terminals is equal to the rated capacity of the winding divided by the winding rated voltage and the corresponding phase factor. For a single phase, the phase factor is 1; for a 3 phase, the phase factor is √3.
Rated continuous current: For earthing transformers, refers to the design of the basis of its rated voltage and rated frequency through the neutral point of the continuous current value.