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The differences between autotransformers and normal transformers

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Update time : 2020-04-29 13:58:00
Autotransformers is a special transformer that outputs and inputs a common set of coils. Boost and buck with different taps to achieve, in fact, the principle is same to  the ordinary transformer, but the primary coilal is the secondary coil ,but general transformer is a primary coil on the left through the electromagnetic induction, then makes the secondary coil on the right side producing a voltage.  Autotransformers affect themselves.

The difference between the Autotransformer and ordinary transformer: 

1.Autotransformer has small size, low cost, high transmission power. In the same output rate, the efficiency of autotransformer is higher than the ordinary one,the  voltage regulation lower than the average transformer.if the primary and secondary voltage value is more smaller the advantages are more obviously.
On the other hand, autotransformer also has some disadvantages: Due to the voltage of the primary winding, there is a common grounding point, which can not be used as an isolation transformer. When the secondary transformer ratio is relatively high, the advantages of autotransformer would disappeared.

2.The choice of core is based on the power through electromagnetic induction, that is, the structural capacity of Vab instead of its transmission capacity and output power p2 to carry out another feature is the current of the common winding
3. The primary side and the secondary side of Autotransformer not only have magnetic contact, but also the electricity contact, while the ordinary transformer is only the magnetic contact. Power through the transformer capacity is composed of two parts: the primary winding and the common winding between the electromagnetic induction power, and a direct conduction of the winding power.