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The differences between three-phase transformers and single-phase transformers

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Update time : 2018-01-22 15:32:37

Both three-phase transformers and single-phase transformers are a kind of transformer. But from the name, we can see that three-phase transformers and single-phase transformers are different. Some differences can be listed as follows.

1. Single-phase transformer core has only one winding, 3 phase transformer on a core around the three windings.

2. Single-phase transformer can only access the phase voltage, only two coils, low voltage output is phase voltage, there is no line voltage! It can not use three-phase load, and with smaller capacity. Three-phase transformer can be three-phase power transformer to the secondary winding at the same time, the output is also three-phase power.

3. Single-phase transformers are generally used for civilian needs single-phase power supply, such as household appliances and so on, its capacity is relatively small. In large substations and power plants, three single-phase transformers are also used to form a three-phase transformer called a "combined three-phase transformer". General power transmission and industrial use of three-phase power, so all three-phase transformers.