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The five major components of the transformer

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Update time : 2018-06-06 14:05:17
Electronic transformers generally have the following five parts: 1, transformer core; 2, with an insulating winding; 3, transformer oil; 4, fuel tank;
Core: Transformer core is the magnetic circuit of the transformer. Since the flux in the transformer core is an alternating flux, in order to reduce the eddy current loss, the core of the transformer is stacked with the electrical steel sheets.
Winding: In accordance with the winding arrangement in the iron core classification, the transformer can be divided into two types of core and shell type. The basic form of transformer windings with the core and overlapped two, core-type transformers commonly used with the core windings, transformers commonly used steel-clad windings.
Transformer oil: the dual role of transformer oil: 1, can enhance the insulation; 2, the core and winding due to loss and heat, through the oil in the heated convection to the heat transfer to the surface of the iron box, To four weeks.
Tank: The role of the tank is to reduce the oil and air contact area to reduce the oxidation rate of oil and invade the transformer moisture;
Insulation casing: Insulation casing from the center of the conductive copper rod and porcelain sets and other components.
The above five points is part of the transformer, but also our part analysis of the transformer.
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