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The Importance of Silicon Steel Sheets for Transformers

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Update time : 2019-06-21 10:33:09
As for transformer, silicon steel sheet is the primary material to form transformer core. Silicon steel is a kind of steel containing silicon (silicon is also called silicon), its silicon content is 0.8%-4.8%. The core of transformer is made of silicon steel, because silicon steel itself is a magnetic material with strong magnetic conductivity. It can produce large magnetic induction intensity in the coil, and then reduce the volume of transformer.
The power loss of transformer in the state of communication occurs not only in the resistance of coil, but also in the iron core under alternating current magnetization. Generally, the power loss in iron core is called iron loss. The iron loss is formed by two factors, one is hysteresis loss and the other is eddy current loss. Hysteresis loss is the iron loss caused by the presence of hysteresis phenomenon in the process of magnetization of iron core. The magnitude of this loss is proportional to the size of the area surrounded by the hysteresis loops of the data. The hysteresis loops of silicon steel are narrow. The hysteresis loss of iron core used as transformer is small and the heating degree can be greatly reduced.
When a transformer works, the flux of alternating current in the coil is of course alternating. Variable flux induces current in the core. The induced current in the iron core circulates in the plane perpendicular to the direction of feeding, so it is called eddy current loss, which makes the iron core heated. In order to reduce the eddy current loss, the transformer cores are stacked with insulated silicon steel sheets, so that the eddy current passes through a smaller section in a narrow circuit to increase the power limit of the eddy current circuit. Together, silicon in silicon steel increases the resistivity of data and reduces eddy current.
It can be seen that silicon steel sheet plays an important role in transformer and determines the service life of transformer.