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The insulation aging prevention knowledge of transformer

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Update time : 2018-07-02 09:37:04
On the transformer insulation aging, mainly from two aspects, on the one hand is to prevent or reduce the impact of adverse external factors, make the transformer routine maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of the transformer, at the same time, in use, every aspect of the specification , Reducing human error, the specific method can be listed as follows:
1), to ensure that the transformer is not overloaded operation, the operating temperature can not exceed the maximum allowable temperature of the insulating material.
2), to prevent the sudden emergence of transformer short circuit at the outlet, in particular, to prevent accidental external factors and environmental factors caused by sudden short circuit.
3) to strengthen the on-line diagnosis of the transformer, the failure prediction in advance, such as frequent partial discharge measurements, oil temperature and coil temperature measurement, chromatographic analysis of insulating oil, oil micro-water analysis of the characteristic gases, free gases and total Hydrocarbon detection. Testing can be carried out according to national standards before commissioning, when put into operation, during operation and under special circumstances.
4), improve lightning protection measures and cooling methods.
On the other hand, we should from the development of the pressure vessel, research and design staff, structural design to ensure the accuracy and perfection to prevent transformer insulation aging. The main methods can be listed as follows:
1), the end of the winding in the application of the end ring, angle ring, etc. to improve the distribution of the electric field inside the transformer.
2), using pie tangled winding.
3), using the internal shield to insert the capacitor.
4), using high-quality insulating materials.
5), the design of the transformer using three-dimensional model for accurate numerical calculation, optimizing the insulation margin of the transformer.
Transformer insulation aging failure is one of the frequent transformer failures, but also a direct impact on the life of the transformer, it should start from many aspects, to prevent transformer aging, prolong the life of the transformer.