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The principle of voltage stabilizer

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Update time : 2018-01-16 14:12:14
Regulator is a power supply equipment or power supply circuit which can automatically adjust the output voltage, the role is to make volatile and substandard electrical equipment requirements of the power supply voltage stability in its set value range, so that a variety of circuits or appliances Equipment can work under rated voltage.
In general, the regulator has a large AC voltage regulator with dozens to thousands of kilowatts, is the working power provided to large-scale experimental and industrial, medical equipment. There are also small, a few watts to a few kilowatts of AC voltage regulator is to provide high-quality power for small labs or home appliances, the initial power regulator is based on the relay's jitter voltage stability. When the grid voltage fluctuations, the power regulator automatic correction circuit starts, so that the internal relay action. Forcing the output voltage to stay close to the set point, this circuit has the advantage of simple circuit, the disadvantage is that the regulator accuracy is not high and every time the relay beats gearshift, will make the power supply an instantaneous interruption and spark interference. The company is located in:
This computer equipment to read and write a great deal of interference, easy to cause the computer error signal, the serious will make the hard disk damage.
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Now most of this high-quality small voltage regulator with a motor to drive the brush to stabilize the voltage method, the voltage regulator on the electrical equipment generated interference is relatively small, high accuracy.
Since some electrical components include coil components, eddy currents that hinder the current flow will be generated during the initial energization. The generation of eddy currents will not only weaken the instantaneous voltage at the start of the electrical device, but also cause the slow start-up and the transient voltage generated after the disconnection, which may cause spark damage Circuit. This will require a voltage regulator to protect the normal operation of the circuit. Voltage regulator circuit consists of voltage regulator, control circuit, and servo motor and other components, when the input voltage or load changes, the control circuit for sampling, comparison, amplification, and then drive the servo motor rotation, so that the position of the regulator brush, By automatically adjusting the coil turns ratio, so as to maintain the stability of the output voltage. Larger capacity of the voltage regulator,  also the principle of using voltage compensation.