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The roles of three phase transformer's core and winding

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Update time : 2020-03-12 10:04:00
Three phase transformer is composed of three single-phase transformers, its structural principle and the ordinary transformer no difference. Three-phase transformer on the same side of the voltage and current are the same size, phase difference 120 °.
Three-phase transformer according to the magnetic circuit classification, which can be divided into core-type transformers and transformers.
Group transformer is composed of three identical single-phase transformer connected. Three-phase transformer is composed of iron core and winding. The iron core is the magnetic circuit part of the transformer, which is composed of silicon steel sheets stacked together. The winding is the circuit part, which is wound into the coil by the enameled wire, then the power enters the primary winding and the secondary side.The core part includes a thermometer, hygroscopic, oil conservator, fuel gauge, safety airway, gas relays, high voltage bushing, low voltage bushing, tap changer, fuel tank and so on. The core is divided into a core surrounded by a coil and a core surrounded by a coil.
The core of the three-phase transformer forms the magnetic circuit of the transformer, and the outer part of the core is covered with windings and runs the lead wire. The iron core is divided into two basic structural forms: the shell type and the core type, wherein the shell type means the coil is surrounded by the iron core, The core type is the core surrounded by a coil core type.
Three-phase transformer windings, the basic role is the primary winding of the system's power into the transformer, while the secondary windings will be transmitted out of electricity, so winding is the main part of the transmission and conversion of electrical energy. Three-phase transformer high and low voltage windings exist inter-phase connection problems.