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The scope of the voltage stabilizer

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Update time : 2018-01-22 15:04:13
Regulator is a high-power output, high-performance power supply regulator system. Its unique design is to use the principle of superposition, compensation, so that the system most of the power output of the regulator to accept access from the power grid. With small size, light weight, compact structure, high efficiency, low loss, wide voltage range, small waveform distortion, continuous operation for a long time and so on.
Electric regulator, controller, compensation transformer form a closed-loop system. Electric voltage regulator is the executive component, when the power supply voltage fluctuates, the controller obtains a deviation signal with the output end. After comparing with the reference, amplifies and drives the servo reversible electric motor to make the electric voltage regulator output to the voltage of the compensation transformer And the corresponding changes, this change in the voltage and power supply voltage superimposed to stabilize the output voltage.
Regulator scope of application:
CNC production equipment
Import SMT
Printing machine
EDM machine
Automatic plug-in machine
Plastic injection machine
Laser cutting machine
laser cutter
Precision measuring instruments
medical instruments
Production lines
Textile equipment
Of course, there are many suitable range of voltage regulator.