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Transformer and voltage regulator interaction and difference

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Update time : 2018-07-13 14:09:41
Our company is committed to producing high-quality electrical equipment, such as the main products, transformers and regulators, then the transformer series and the difference between the regulator, we will briefly introduce here.The company is located in:The role of the transformer is used in the power grid, played the lifting voltage, safety isolation and so on. Regulators are voltage regulator, control appliances and other effects, that is, when the input voltage or load changes, the regulator can be well adjusted.The company is located in:In fact, the regulator and the transformer are relative, the transformer is to change the AC voltage device, the main components are the primary coil, secondary coil and core.Here we mention the household voltage regulator, most of the household appliances, relatively more voltage regulator, and use the transformer mostly because of the purchase of related machinery and equipment. In other words, the voltage regulator belongs to household appliances, of course, some voltage regulator which has many components, there will be to the transformer. Therefore, the two are different from each other and interact with each other.