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Transformer body assembly process

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Update time : 2018-08-13 09:12:07
Transformer is assembled from, this article we will talk about the transformer assembly process
1, to the assembly shop iron core, winding, insulation, fuel tanks and a variety of pipe and the international inspection of a comprehensive inspection to see if it has procedures on the inspection certificate, if necessary, spot checks.
2, check the assembly platform level, the test assembly movements reliability, flexibility.
3, the iron core placed on the platform, find the center, level (also the next section of the tank placed on the platform or flat ground).
4, looking for iron (not stacked on the iron yoke do not dial iron), the package windings, iron, welding access card, grounding film.
5, installed switch.
6, the configu-ration of high and low voltage leads and their fixed brackets, welding lead head, according to the wiring connection will be the primary side of the lead connection switch, bandaged insulation; the primary lead wire soldered on the terminal, the insulation bandage.
7, After passing the inspection, send the dry tank to dry the transformer body (vacuum hot-air circulation tank, transformer tank or kerosene vapor-phase drying tank), oil immersion, and finally assembled after being released.
8, the transformer body into the next fuel tank, into the test, the final assembly.
The above eight is the transformer body assembly process.