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Transformer insulation manufacturing process

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Update time : 2018-07-23 11:22:09
1, Laminate: The first use of cardboard unwinding evacuation adhesive, bonding, pressing into the laminate, inspection.
2, laminated pads, annular laminates, respectively, according to the following process for processing:
(1), laminated mat, cutting the cardboard, bonding hot or pressed into large sheets, and then into or milling into blocks.
(2) An annular laminate, which is formed into an annular laminate by pre-bonding the hot-pressed laminate.
(3) strip-shaped laminate, pre-bonded hot-pressed laminated into a strip forming member.
3, oil heat block: with the appropriate thickness of cardboard cut into line with the width of the requirements of the length of cardboard, and then chamfered on both sides, to burr, and then red into a flat tail or dovetail pad, and then configure the thickness Requirements and pad wet and dry degree, polished to the desired thickness; or pre-press densification treatment, and then red into a flat-tail pad, and then press the configuration thickness requirements and pad wet and dry procedures, grinding to the required Thickness, after the completion of inspection.
4, T-shaped strut and pigeon bracing: T-shaped stripe made of T-shaped strip, can also be a piece of cardboard coated with heat, and then milling or planing into the desired shape and size, Round; Pigeon stays with a laminated section into a trapezoidal bar, rounded.
5, the preparation of pad: According to the design requirements and the thickness of the calculation results, the pad string in the strut, after a series of struts, requiring the first series with the thickness of the measurement, adjustment, adjusting the gap, and with the winding The applied pressure is pressurized and carefully tested, adjusted, and gap-adjusted until the total gap between the pads is close to the total gap after the winding assembly. After passing the inspection, the warehouse dedicated to constant temperature and humidity insulation will be preserved for future use.
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