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Transformer material - silicon steel sheet

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Update time : 2020-03-03 17:53:00
Silicon steel is a kind of ferroalloy containing ferroalloy soft magnetic alloy, the general content of silicon is 0.5-4.5%. Adding silicon can increase the resistivity and maximum permeability of iron, reducing coercivity and, core loss and magnetic aging. The main purpose is to make the iron core of transformers, motors and generators.
Silicon steel can also be divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled, cold-rolled silicon steel with high permeability and low loss, so the transformer used to make small, light weight, high efficiency advantages. Low loss of silicon steel sheet has a unique market, the selection of silicon steel transformer for magnetic materials. The performance of hot-rolled silicon steel strip is slightly inferior to cold-rolled silicon steel strip. Ordinary EI-type transformer is made of silicon steel into 0.35-0.5mm thick E-type and I-type film, after heat treatment and then insert the winding line package, such iron core to use the majority of hot-rolled silicon steel (silicon content High quality silicon steel model D41, D42, D43, D301). Ring and C-type transformer core is the use of cold-rolled silicon steel strip formed by winding, which C-type transformer after the heat treatment dipping and then made.
Leakage inductance transformer is not through the primary and secondary coil of the magnetic flux generated by the magnetic flux through the air to form a closed magnetic circuit. Enhance the transformer primary and secondary coupling between the density can reduce the leakage inductance. A good transformer HiFi HiFi amplifier output transformer should not exceed 1/500, the leakage inductance does not exceed the primary coil inductance of 1/100.
All countries are based on iron loss classification grades, iron loss is lower, the higher grade. In the transformer production, silicon steel plays an important role.