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Transformer oil leakage fault analysis program

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Update time : 2018-08-06 09:34:19
What is the cause of the transformer failure? What is the solution?
Common failures of transformers are out of the air and leakage of oil, transformer oil leakage can be divided into two kinds of internal leakage and leakage, while the leakage can be divided into weld leakage and sealing surface leakage of two.
The first method of welding at the oil leakage, mainly poor quality welding. Leakage has occurred for the phenomenon, first find the leak, can not be missed. For serious parts of leakage can be flat shovel or sharp punch and other metal tools will riveting leakage point, control the amount of leakage will clean up the treatment surface, the current multi-polymer composite curing, curing can be achieved long-term The purpose of governance leakage.
The second is the seal oil leakage, poor sealing reasons. Fushishi blue material can be used for bonding, the joint formation of the whole, the phenomenon of leakage of oil has been greatly controlled; if the operation is convenient, but also the metal shell can be bonded at the same time, to achieve the purpose of leakage management. The third is the flange joints leak oil. Flange surface uneven, loose bolts loose, the installation process is not correct, the bolt is not good, resulting in leakage of oil, the first loose bolts fastening, the flange of the seal treatment, and for the possible leakage The bolts are also processed to achieve full control. Tighten the loose bolts must be strictly in accordance with the operating process.
The fourth is cast iron leakage oil, the main reason is the leakage of cast iron pieces with trachoma and cracks. For cracked leaks, drilled holes are the best way to eliminate stress and avoid stretching.
The fifth is the bolt or pipe thread leakage oil. Manufactured rough, poor sealing, transformers sealed after a period of time there will be leakage of oil failure. You can use the polymer material will be sealed bolt to achieve leakage control methods.