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Transformer overload operation needs to pay attention

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Update time : 2018-07-11 11:03:53
Transformer overload operation, should pay special attention to the following points:
(1) Personally monitor transformer winding temperature and top oil temperature. The company is located in:
(2) start all the cooling equipment, transformers, cooling equipment in the presence of shortcomings or cooling power of less than pleading, should stop the transformer overload operation. The company is located in:
(3) For the transformer with on-load voltage regulation equipment, when the degree of overload is relatively large, the tap should be avoided as far as possible with the on-load voltage regulation equipment. The company is located in:
The company is located in:
(4) The main transformer can work under normal overload and event overload. The normal overload of its response value should be based on the load curve of the main transformer, cooling medium and load before the main transformer to determine. Event overload and normal overload operation must be normal operation of the main transformer without exception. If the main transformer is damaged cooler, severe leakage of oil, there are serious shortcomings of the maintenance of such cases, you are not allowed to overload operation. The company is located in:
Transformers and their auxiliary equipment in the long run during the city by electricity, heat, machinery, chemistry and the environment, and many other factors, the state of health deteriorated gradually, when its health has dropped to a certain extent, it will affect Transformer safe operation. The company is located in:
Transformer problems can be divided into internal problems and external problems, internal problems refers to the internal transformer insulation or winding faults, external problems refer to the transformer auxiliary equipment problems. The severity of the disease light and heavy, in the case of minor problems, the transformer can continue to operate, but must adopt the approach, but also to monitor the development and changes of the problems; when serious problems, the transformer must be immediately suspended operation, to avoid problems expand. The company is located in:
In the transformer failure, the need to distinguish accurate and properly disposed, it is necessary to avoid deterioration of the problem, but also can not stop the operation of the transformer sloppy, which asked the operator to improve the problem resolution ability, accumulation operation experience, the transformer problem is correctly resolved and Timely disposal.