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Transformer pressure change method

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Update time : 2018-05-16 13:43:15
There are more technical requirements among the transformer products. Transformer components include: iron core, coil composition, in addition to fuel tanks, oil pillows, insulation casing and tapping the beginning and so on. Which one, what to use for voltage exchange?
Transformer is made according to electromagnetic induction. It consists of a silicon steel sheet (or silicon steel sheet) stacked core and wound on the core of the two sets of coil composition, the core and the coil are insulated from each other, without any electrical connection, we will be a transformer and power supply The side-connected coil is called the primary coil (or primary side) and the coil to which the transformer and the consumer are connected is called the secondary coil (or secondary side). When the transformer primary coil connected to the AC power supply, the core will have a change in the magnetic field lines. As the secondary coil wound on the same core, the magnetic field cutting secondary coil, the secondary coil is bound to produce induced electromotive force, so that the voltage across the coil. Because the magnetic lines of force are alternating, so the voltage of the secondary coil is also alternating. And the frequency and power frequency exactly the same. The of the manager confirms that the voltage ratio of the primary coil to the secondary coil of the transformer is related to the ratio of the number of turns of the primary coil and the secondary coil, which can be expressed as follows: Primary coil voltage / secondary coil voltage = primary coil turns / secondary coil turns The more turns, the higher the voltage. It can be seen, the secondary coil less than the primary coil, that is, step-down transformer. On the contrary is the step-up transformer.
Transformer products through the above method is the exchange of voltage, the circuit plays a protective role.