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Transformer protection

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Update time : 2018-05-14 14:46:52
Transformers have pre-order, production, shipping, installation and maintenance work, then why do we have to post-protection of the transformer, the reasons can be listed as the following.
1.To prevent transformer high voltage side short circuit.
2.Check the transformer low voltage line short circuit.
3.The low-voltage line is faulty, the protection, transformer load trip
4.The transformer from the differential protection within the scope of failure, differential protection failure.
If the overcurrent protection action and found that the voltage drop, impact, arc, dynamic and other appearances, should conduct a review of the external transformer; if the shortcomings can be promptly removed, you can try to send once, or should be prepared to repair security measures; if there is no problem Can try to send once; no differential protection of the transformer, in addition to external review, insulation measurement should be reviewed. The company is located in:
If the low-voltage outlet shortcomings, line protection refused to move, you can manually destroy the shortcomings line switch, and then the transformer power.
If due to shortcomings within the scope of differential protection, differential protection fails, it should be differential protection action disposal. The company is located in:
If the secondary circuit shortcomings, it is a malfunction or accidental collision, on duty personnel can send electricity  immediately.