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Transformer shelf life

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Update time : 2018-01-29 14:23:13
We often see a variety of transformers, we will suddenly think of a problem, have a certain period of household appliances, so the transformer has useful life? Why have not seen changing transformers?
Here Langlang Transformer would like to explain this question, the transformer is actually a useful life, but we do not see the special replacement of the transformer every day because of the following reasons:
1. Since the electricity consumption of Chinese families has rapidly risen in recent years, the new transformers with larger capacitances need to be replaced before the expiration of the service life of the transformers. Otherwise, the transformers with insufficient capacity will be burned off during the peak of electricity consumption, resulting in residents breaking off Electricity.
2, a certain failure of the transformer, out of a serious damage, there is no other service life to replace the transforme
r3, the staff regular transformer maintenance and inspection work, the use of transformer service life is relatively long.
So do not think it is indefinite product any more if you see it again.