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Transformer tank structure

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Update time : 2018-06-15 14:54:21
Oil-immersed transformer tank is the body of the transformer body, with the capacity of the body, red transformer oil and cooling cooling effect. Transformer tank structure is generally divided into three types: tank cap, bell-type tank and sealed tank.
Tank-type fuel tank, tank along the tank set at the top of the tank, the tank cover is generally a flat, along with the box bolted. Oil tank wall bending plate molding, mostly elliptical or rectangular screenshots, boxes along the box and placed between the sealing gasket, and then use the bolts to be sealed. When the body needs overhaul, lifting the lid also lifted the body, it is also known as hanging-type fuel tank. Cover tank structure is generally applicable to 35KV and below the transformer.
Bell-type fuel tank. Due to the large size of the transformer body, throwing the use of box-type structure, it is difficult to carry out crane repair in the field. Therefore, when the capacity increases to a certain limit, it is not appropriate to use tank-type tank structure, instead of bell-type tank structure. The tank along the tank set up in the lower part of the general from the bottom of 250 ~ 400MM, the upper part of the fuel tank bell-shaped, with bolts on the next fuel tank together to form a whole, in order to achieve the tank seal. Because of this structure of the tank has been welded together, so the site for the dart check will be very inconvenient, so this transformer arrived at the scene and during operation are generally not hanging maintenance, which requires the quality of the transformer should be a reliable guarantee.