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Update time : 2019-07-08 11:53:46
1. Scope of application
Pressurizer can be widely used in: industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railways, construction sites, schools, hospitals, posts and telecommunications, hotels, scientific research departments, such as electronic computers, precision machine tools, computed tomography (CT), precision instruments, test devices, elevator lighting, imported equipment and production lines need power stability. Voltage location. It is also suitable for users at the end of low-voltage distribution network with too low or too high supply voltage and large fluctuation amplitude, as well as for power equipment with large load variation, especially for all stable voltage power supply places with high demand for power network waveform. High-power compensated power regulator can be connected with firepower, hydraulic and small generators.
2. Functional introduction
Voltage regulator is a power supply circuit or equipment which can automatically adjust the output voltage. Its function is to stabilize the power supply voltage which fluctuates greatly and can not meet the requirements of electrical equipment within its set range, so that all kinds of circuits or electrical equipment can work normally under rated working voltage.
The original power regulator relied on the beat of the relay to stabilize the voltage. When the grid voltage fluctuates, the automatic correcting circuit of the power regulator starts to make the internal relay operate. Force the output voltage to remain near the set value. This circuit has the advantages of simple circuit, but the disadvantage is that the voltage stabilization accuracy is not high and every relay switching will cause a transient interruption of the power supply and spark interference.
It interferes greatly with the reading and writing of computer equipment, and is easy to cause erroneous signals on the computer, and even damages the hard disk in serious cases.
High-quality small regulators mostly use motor to drag carbon brush to stabilize voltage. This regulator has little interference to electrical equipment and relatively high stabilization accuracy.
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