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Why isolation transformers will be more secure

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Update time : 2018-02-28 15:05:03
Many people say that isolating transformers are a kind of safety transformers, so why is it that isolating transformers are safe?
Isolation Transformer is the output of four-wire three-phase four-wire transformer, if you encounter any of them, assuming that a good grounding, equivalent to this one line has been grounded, then if another person hit another line, it will shock So, through the isolation transformer can only be to its certain protection, but not all, the isolation transformer output side can only tolerate one of the lines should not touch something, but not tolerate multiple lines received.
If there is more than one line in contact with a device or ground, then people will touch the power However, your question is a bit mean, if the voltage on the secondary side of 36 volts, in fact, below 70 volts, basically did not cause any harm naturally can Said that there is no isolation transformer will not power to people.
Isolation transformer is to let the output side can be maintained on the ground without electrical relationship, for example, people are usually the electric shock conductor through the human body into the earth's electricity, and the reason he will flow into the earth because of his power supply equipment on the earth have an electrical relationship [Neutral point grounding], without this electrical relationship, then people will not get an electric shock.
If there is a conductor out of the transformer output and one of the conductors is already in contact with the conductor and standing on the ground then both of them will be electrocuted if at the same time another person touches the other conductor and stands on the ground again, There was a relation of the electrical connection to the earth.