High voltage constant current electrostatic transformer

      S11 oil-immersed power transformer

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      1. The transformer core is made by stacking imported high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, which greatly reduces no-load loss and no-load current, and bundles the core to ensure intimate tightness and reduce noise.
      2. High and low voltage windings are made of oxygen-free copper. Low-voltage windings 500KVA and below use a double-layer cylindrical structure, 630KVA and above use a double-helical or four-helical structure, and high-voltage windings use a multi-layer cylindrical structure.
      3. The transformer connection group uses Dyn11 to reduce the impact of harmonics on the power grid and improve the power supply quality.
      4. The transformer has a completely sealed structure, prolonging the service life, free of hanging heart and maintenance.
      5. The measured noise value is lower than the standard.